Let’s reinvent Interior Design Richmond.  No more queen anne sofas and country kitchens (not that there is anything wrong with them) but let’s kick it up a notch.  Builders beige – bleck.  Tan sofas with tan carpets and tan doggies – be gone.  Let's re-purpose, let's mix, let's match and add a little interior design pizzaz with respect to our heritage and our personal style.  (Don’t know your style?  Find out here.)

MyDesignGuide is the only national e-decorating service located right "he-ah" in little old RVA.  We make interior design budget friendly (can you say less than the cost of 1 chair?) and simple. No in home visits, no long meetings, no swatches and no arguing with the significant other.  Most importantly, you get to see your room in 3D before you buy or paint anything. Isn't that the problem most of us have anyway? We can't visualize the changes.  
Check out some of our favorite Richmond interior designs (don't miss the before photos on page 4.)

11. This Mechanicsville home went from "potential" to perfection.

      2.  You know we still luv our preppy.  But, this is bedroom  design is fresh preppy chic. 

            3. Suburban stylish - traditional can be hip.  See how we
     designed this open space with the addition of  great color and pattern. 

So Richmonders (and anyone else out there), if you are ready to perk up your colors, add a few patterns and get your dream room design without breaking the bank, visit our site, try our free quick fix, or give us a call 877-789-5303.  We are here to help.

The best interior design firm in Richmond?  MyDesignGuide.  

Co-Founder MyDesignGuide.com 

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