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Đề cương ôn thi THPT Quốc gia Tiếng Anh:




Choose the word whose underlined part is different from the others

Exercise 1

A. roughB. sumC. utterD. union

A. noonB. toolC. bloodD. spoon

A. chemistB. chickenC. churchD. century

A. thoughtB. toughC. taughtD. bought

A. pleasureB. heatC. meatD. feed

A. chalkB. champagneC. machineD. chip

A. knitB. hideC. tideD. fly

A. putB. couldC. pushD. moon

A. howB. townC. powerD. slow

A. talkedB. nakedC. askedD. liked

Exercise 2

A. hearB. clearC. bearD. ear

A. heatB. greatC. beatD. beak

A. bloodB. poolC. foodD. tool

A. universityB. uniqueC. unitD. undo

A. mouseB. couldC. wouldD. put

A. faithfulB. failureC. fairlyD. fainted

A. courseB. courtC. pourD. courage

A. workedB. stoppedC. forcedD. wanted

A. newB. sewC. fewD. nephew

A. sunB. sureC. successD. sort

Exercise 3

A. monthB. muchC. comeD. home

A. woodB. foodC. lookD. foot

A. postB. thoughC. howD. clothes

A. beardB. birdC. learnD. turn

A. falseB. laughC. glassD. after

A. campB. lampC. cupboardD. apart

A. geneticsB. generateC. kennelD. gentle

A. cleanseB. pleaseC. treatD. retreat

A. mechanicB. machineryC. chemistD. cholera

A. thankB. bandC. complainD. insert
11.A. thinkB. thenC. themeD. three

A. deathB. bathC. thusD. truth

A. monthB. northernC. southD. north

A. thatB. theyC. thenD. throw

A. smoothB. thinkC. thickD. thursday

Exercise 4

A. grammarB. damageC. mammalD. drama

A. bothB. tenthC. mythD. with

A. gateB. gemC. gazeD. gaudy

A. thusB. theseC. sympathyD. then

A. laysB. saysC. staysD. plays

A. scholarshipB. chaosC. cherishD. chorus

A. signB. minorC. rivalD. trivial

A. messageB. privilegeC. collegeD. collage

A. beardB. rehearseC. hearsayD. endearment

A. dynamicB. typicalC. cynicismD. hypocrite
11.A. hopedB. annoyedC. preferredD. played
12.A. breatheB. breathC. healthD. wealth
13.A. problemsB. museumsC. comfortsD. engines
14.A. classB. glassC. massD. tissue
15.A. watchB. mechanicsC.  childrenD. chicken

Đề cương ôn thi THPT Quốc gia Tiếng Anh: THEME 1: PHONETICS
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