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Đề cương ôn thi THPT Quốc gia Tiếng Anh: THEME 1: PHONETICS (PRONUNCIATION)



Choose the word whose underlined part is different from the others

Exercise 5

1A. candyB. sandyC. manyD. handy

A. earningB. learningC. searchingD. clearing

A. waitedB. mendedC. nakedD. faced

A. givenB. risenC. riddenD. whiten

A. coughB. toughC. roughD. enough

A. accidentB. jazzC. stampsD. watch

A. thisB. thickC. mathD. thin

A. gasB. gainC. germD. goods

A. boughtB. naughtC. ploughD. thought

A. spearB. gearC. fearD. pear

Exercise 6

A. puddingB. putC. pullD. puncture

A. absentB. recentC. decentD. present

A. promiseB. deviseC. surpriseD. realize

A. liableB. vividC. revivalD. final

A. housesB. facesC. horsesD. places

A. bushB. brushC. busD. cup

A. boatB. broadC. coastD. alone

A. largeB. vegetableC. angryD. gem

A. moreB. northC. lostD. water

A. distributeB. tribeC. triangleD. trial

Exercise 7:

1.A. matchB. watchC. teachD. chemistry
2.A. chorusB. ChristianC. cholesterolD. check
3.A. temperatureB. tentC. partD. boating
4.A. listenB. teaC. sentD. tend
5.A. mixtureB. tentC. tearD. tame
6.A. totalB. potentialC. absorbentD. intense
7.A. chronicB. beachesC. watchesD. church
8.A. notionB. motionC. questionD. introduction
9.A. childrenB. kitchenC. teacherD. school
10.A. acheB. chorusC. chipD. choir
Exercise 8: Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from of the other words.

  1. A. artificial                      B. distance                         C. centre                            D. cells

  2. A. designer                     B. zoo                                C. Switzerland                    D. tables

  3. A. although                     B. width                             C. thump                            D. thank

  4. A. thought                      B. tough                             C. bought                           D. fought

  5. A. homeless                    B. done                              C. become                         D. month

  6. A. hidden                       B. minor                             C. written                           D. kitten

  7. A. many                         B. lamb                              C. handle                            D. camera

  8. A. there                          B. appear                           C. wear                              D. prepare

  9. A. occupy                      B. puppy                            C. ready                             D. study

  10. A. accident                     B. success                          C. accurate                         D. accept

  11. A. private                       B. irrigate                           C. guidance                        D. environment

  12. A. instruction                  B. shrub                             C. eruption                         D. supply

  13. A. necessarily                 B. mechanic                        C. exception                       D. apprentice

  14. A. basic                          B. erosion                           C. loose                             D. recycle

  15. A. worry                        B. infer                               C. dirtying                          D. fertilizer

  16. A. mile                           B. militant                           C. smile                              D. kind

  17. A. women                      B. bench                             C. lend                               D. spend

  18. A. food                          B. good                              C. look                               D. blood

  19. A. property                    B. access                            C. possession                     D. American

  20. A. much                         B. number                          C. cut                                 D. put

  21. A. particular                   B. park                               C. smart                             D. hard

  22. A. adverb                       B. access                            C. ache                              D. man

  23. A. cat                             B. certain                            C. cook                              D. Canadian

  24. A. respect                      B. send                               C. set                                 D. then

  25. A. good                          B. book                              C. use                                D. sugar

  26. A. brain                          B. lamb                              C. comb                             D. climb

  27. A. forget                         B. open                              C. popular                          D. font

  28. A. easy                           B. seat                                C. learn                              D. eat

  29. A. prepare                      B. engine                            C. invention                        D. electricity

  30. A. pleasant                     B. health                             C. breath                            D. breathe

  31. A. child                          B. chill                                C. chemistry                       D. teacher

  32. A. threaten                     B. breath                            C. health                             D. breathe

  33. A. English                       B. Africa                            C. Chinese                         D. America

  34. A. main                          B. certain                            C. complain                        D. explain

  35. A. preserve                    B. sack                               C. reason                           D. poison

  36. A. nightmare                   B. care                               C. Are                                D. share

  37. A. heart                          B. earn                               C. heard                             D. learn

  38. A. fear                            B. near                               C. clear                              D. pear

  39. A. cost                           B. most                              C. hot                                 D. lot

  40. A. nation                        B. vase                               C. nature                            D. grade

  41. A. enough                       B. account                          C. surround                        D. outdoor

  42. A. phoned                      B. called                             C. cooked                          D. climbed

  43. A. can                            B. cell                                 C. call                                D. cold

  44. A. enough                       B. courage                          C. encounter                       D. nourish

  45. A. machine                     B. cheap                             C. teacher                          D. child

  46. A. wants                         B. books                            C. stops                             D. sends

  47. A. surface                       B. necklace                        C. face                               D. palace

  48. A. chew                         B. news                              C. crew                              D. screw

  49. A. chat                           B. sad                                C. state                              D. map

  50. A. teach                         B. meet                              C. feather                           D. seat

  51. A. cow                           B. low                                C. how                               D. round

  52. A. case                           B. age                                C. carry                              D. vapour

  53. A. oxygen                       B. slowly                            C. healthy                           D. supply

  54. A. count                         B. amount                           C. mountain                        D. course

  55. A. rhinoceros                  B. habitat                            C. vehicle                           D. whale

  56. A. admit                         B. confide                           C. decide                           D. retire

  57. A. land                           B. save                               C. cramp                            D. cash

  58. A. tapes                         B. cakes                             C. chores                           D. dates

  59. A. women                      B. bench                             C. lend                               D. spend

  60. A. nation                        B. access                            C. Australia                        D. failure

  61. A. eager                         B. treat                               C. Area                              D. ease

  62. A. friend                         B. guest                              C. gesture                           D. women

  63. A. laser                          B. cancer                            C. Attack                           D. scalpel

  64. A. English                       B. African                           C. American                       D. Private

  65. A. about                         B. sound                             C. count                             D. wounded

  66. A. family                         B. can                                C. party                              D. graduate

  67. A. high                           B. Advice                           C. guide                             D. river

  68. A. pleasure                     B. please                            C. easy                               D. leave

  69. A. bank                          B. safe                                C. value                              D. cash

  70. A. wine                          B. decline                           C. design                            D. engine

  71. A. nation                        B. national                          C. nationality                      D. international

  72. A. respect                      B. send                               C. set                                 D. then

  73. A. intention                     B. question                         C. action                            D. mention

  74. A. give                           B. five                                C. hive                               D. dive

  75. A. feature                       B. reason                            C. season                           D. pleasant

  76. A. one                            B. orange                           C. dozen                            D. cover

  77. A. enough                       B. plough                            C. laugh                              D. myself

  78. A. proud                        B. plough                            C. group                             D. south

  79. A. stall                            B. take                               C. spray                             D. pavement

  80. A. ache                          B. chemist                          C. Christmas                      D. approach

  81. A. industry                      B. dust                               C. must                              D. confuse

  82. A. few                            B. new                               C. threw                             D. knew

  83. A. nicest                         B. largest                            C. hottest                           D. best

  84. A. bare                           B. dare                               C. care                               D. car

  85.    A. so                               B. show                              C. who                               D. though

Đề cương ôn thi THPT Quốc gia Tiếng Anh: THEME 1: PHONETICS (PRONUNCIATION)
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