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Phần I-Các chuyên đề


Exercise 5: Choose the best option to complete these following sentences.

1. Tom looked tired as though he __________very hard.

         A.  has worked                B. worked                    C. work                          D. had worked

2. Henry talks with his dog as if it _________him.

         A. understand                  B. understood               C. understanding              D. had understood.

3. She sings as if she ________ a singer.

         A. were                           B. is                             C. had been                     D. has been

4. I feel as if my head ________fire now.

         A. were                           B. is                             C. had been                     D. has been

5. Mary dresses as if she _______ a queen.

         A. is                                B. be                            C.were                            D. had been

6. She acted as if she_______ big  amount of money.

         A.  had                            B. has                           C.  have                          D.  had had

7. He spends his money as though he ________ a millionaire.

         A. were                           B. is                             C. be                               D. has been

8. He talked about Paris as if he ____________there before
                                B. been                        C. has been                     D.  had been

9.  Tom acts as if he __________my boss.

         A. had been                     B. have been               C be                               D. were

10.  He talked as if he __________ all the work himself, but in fact Tom and I did most of it.

         A. has done                     B. have done                C did                               D.had done

11.  Barbara looked at me as though she ___________me before.

         A. has never met              B. have never met            C had never met           D.never met

12. She behaved as though she _________  crazy

         A. has been                     B. had been                  C. be                               D. B and C are right

13. He treats us as if we__________  all idiots

         A. has been                     B. have been                C. be                               D.were

14. The spacemen felt as if he ______ in a paradise.

         A. had been                     B. falls                          C. fall                              D. has fallen

15. He behaved as though he __________to the USA.

         A. has been                     B. had been                  C. were                           D. was

16. I wish the more effective teaching method______ used.

         A. is                                B. was                          C. were                           D. has been

17. She wishes she ______ a  fairy now.

         A. was                            B. were                        C. is                                D. had been

18. She spent money as if she always______ plenty of it.

         A. have                           B. had                          C. had had                      D. has

19. Mr Nam ate as if he ________anything  for days

         A. didn’t eat                    B. haven’t eaten            C. hadn’t eaten                D. not ate

20. She walks as if she_______  a wooden leg.

         A. has                             B. have                         C. had                             D. have had
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